Showcase your Community – In Style!

Nothing will grab your members’ attention quicker than a publication filled with faces and places they know.  Our Community Profiles are so popular because they work. They capture the reader’s attention, hold their interest and tell your story.

Local Photography

Centre Publications’ staff photographer will walk the streets of your communities and drive your country roads to capture the area’s most picturesque views for the publication. For your members who choose to advertise, the photographer will spend time helping to create the images the business needs to promote their staff, products or services in the publication.

Just the Facts

Details make all of the difference. Business leaders turn to our publications frequently because our staff will make your area’s demographics come alive. We compile data from the national and local sources to provide an informative overview of the community – everything from local wages to housing costs. The charts in our publications will be the community’s first reference source for local statistics – and your members will appreciate your organization’s role in providing them such a useful tool.

Relocation Tool

Answer all the questions new and prospective residents have about your area. Support your members by getting their information in front of new residents as they make buying decisions for their new home. Sections covering Education, Real Estate, Health Care and Retirement assets make our Community Profiles the perfect tool for businesses to use when recruiting new personnel to the area. 

A Welcome to Remember

Ensure visitors to your community have a great experience. The Community Profile covers everything your community has to offer – restaurants, retail stores, attractions, lodging, and interesting history. It is a great place to highlight local events. The Profile’s advertising space gives your members an opportunity to promote their services to local residents and visitors alike.


Master chefs understand that presentation is key to a great dining experience. Likewise, our designers work to present your community in the most flattering way – creating a publication that is sure to catch the reader’s eye and leave them impressed.  Photography, color, fonts, charts and graphs are all coordinated to present the best your area has to offer. 

Promoting Members

Reasonable advertising rates make it easy for your members to use this publication as an important part of their advertising strategy, allowing them to reach business and community leaders, visitors and new residents – all with the same annual ad. Free ad design, photography and no-worry proofing help all your member businesses to look their best.

Perfect Pairing

The Community Profile is the ideal way to encourage visitors in your area to leave their hotel rooms and spend money in your community, exploring and leaving a trail of happy business owners behind. Our street maps are the perfect compliment to the directory, giving visitors a birds-eye view of the area – not just directions from point A to B. Combined with our Community Profile, the street map is the perfect pairing.

Buyer’s Guide

Every printed Community Profile we publish includes a complete listing of your organization’s members. Perfect-bound copies for general distribution include the buyer’s guide business category listings. Our durable spiral-bound Member Edition, built to withstand heavy use, includes member listings sorted alphabetically and by business category, plus a handy planning calendar.

The easy way to publish

Centre Publications makes producing a top-quality publication easy. Our turnkey approach requires very little of our sponsoring organizations. We promote the publications via direct mail and social media – our sales representatives sell the ads in-person, or remotely, depending on the preference for the business. We write the content, do the research for the charts and graphs, and do all design and photography for the publication. You simply provide us with your member listing and any additional information you would like to include, and we will deliver you a proof. Once the proof is approved, we print the publication, mail it to your members, do bulk drops to your local hotels and deliver the remaining copies to you. It couldn’t be simpler.